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Octavet offers quality nutritional products for ruminants and horses, as well as diagnostic tools. Optimal nutritional status is vital for the prevention of diseases which impact animals’ welfare, fertility and productivity. Octavet offers nutritional products - exclusively for veterinarians - for ruminants and horses, as well as tools and field tests.

Our team work closely with the NBVC technical team and the Iodolab diagnostic laboratory, to ensure that product recommendations are based on root-cause analysis of health issues, and are targeted at preventing recurrence, rather than simply treating symptoms.

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Objectif nutritionnel : apport prolongé en oligo-éléments et/ou vitamines chez les animaux à l’herb..
Aliment minéral diététique pour vaches allaitantes Objectif nutritionnel : Apport prolongé en oli..
Aliment minéral diététique pour veaux d’élevage Objectif nutritionnel : Soutien aux périodes de ..
Octavet is a member of the Bimeda group of companies and is committed to global excellence in animal health.
Our high quality products help ensure optimal nutritional status in your clients’ animals.
Our diagnostic tools ensure your product selection is targeted at addressing a real nutritional or metabolic need; replacing guesswork with science.

Excellence In Nutrition

Our quality nutritional products help ensure optimal nutritional status in your clients’ animals.

Excellence In Diagnostics

Our diagnostic tools help you understand the nutritional status of your clients’ animals.

Our association with the technical team from NBVC and the Iodolab diagnostic laboratory allow us to provide you with additional diagnostic support where required.

Excellence in Customer Service

We put our customers and their animals at the heart of everything we do.