About Us


Octavet offers nutritional products for ruminants and horses as well as diagnostic tools. Optimal nutritional status is vital for the prevention of diseases which impact animals’ welfare, fertility and productivity.

Our Partner

We believe that nutritional products should only ever be provided to animals, where a need to do so has been identified. Our products should be recommended based on root-cause analysis of health issues, and are targeted at preventing recurrence, rather than simply treating symptoms.

We partner proudly with the technical team at NBVC, who assist veterinarians in the diagnosis of underlying health issues which contribute to impaired welfare, productivity and fertility of their clients’ animals. Where required, members of the NBVC team organise diagnostic tests on the biological fluids of livestock, which measure trace elements, minerals, vitamins and metabolic parameters. These diagnostic tests are carried out by their partner laboratory, based in the Lyon Veterinary School. To learn more about NBVC and the services available, visit their website.